Thursday, July 18, 2013

CONGRATULATIONS JESSICA LOVE!!!!! (caps totally necessary)

I don't think I've ever been more excited to blog something than what I'm about to blog about right now. (Gratuitious photos of myself and my child notwithstanding...obvs).

I've been friends with Jessica Love for a while now, and to say she is one of my favorite people on this great bluish greenish brownish planet we call Earth is a vast understatement. Jessica Love is one of the best people I know, and I consider myself truly lucky to call her my actual IRL friend.

Jess and I book nerding out at the LA Times Festival of Books

I think I've posted this before, but it's literally my favorite series of pics of the two of us

For the past few years I have been privileged enough to watch as Jessica embarked on her own journey to become a published YA author. It's been amazing to watch her go after her dream and even more amazing actually watching it come true.

That's right folks, my friend Jessica Love HAS A BOOK DEAL!!!!!!!!!!

You can read the specifics on her blog but the basic facts are she's co-writing a YA novel with Chelsie Hill from the Sundance Channel show, Push Girls. The story is a fictionalized account of Chelsie's life and will be published by St. Martin's Press!!!! I KNOW RIGHT?!?!!!!

It's so freaking exciting, and I highly doubt there is anyone on the planet that is happier for her than me. Watching this come true for her feels awesome and I can't wait to be the first in line to have her sign my copy of her book. That's getting published. Like a real book. (still not over it)

One of the most amazing things about Jess is how supportive she always is of other writers. Whenever one of her writing friends has amazing news she is always the biggest cheerleader and the first to break out the Dancing Banana.

Well's my honor to do this for you. I'm so happy that it's finally your turn!!

Congratulations friend! You absolutely deserve it!!!


  1. So, so excited for Jess! Also, I love that series of photos of the two of you too. :-)

  2. Agree times a ballilion. ;)

  3. Thank goodness (1) you blogged about this, and (2) you're still in my feed, or else I'd never know! :)

    1. WM, I put it ALL over my social media yesterday. Did you unfollow me? ;-)

  4. Congratulations, Jessica!

    And Tameka, I'd been thinking you hadn't blogged in forever--but no it was just that you weren't on my bloglovin' feed since I had to try to use my brain to think of every single blog I was reading since mean old google reader cancelled itself. I am still bitter about that.

    I've only missed two posts. That's fine--keep doing all that stuff that's more important and come back when the time is right. I know I'll be here (:


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