Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Five (4)

Happy Friday! We made it through the week! Get excited!

1. First off, I know I was quite the Emily Emo in my Valentine's Day post earlier this week. Please know that I appreciate you loving me through it. Luckily, things definitely turned around and I am ending the week on an incredibly high note! Check out what came in the mail for me yesterday! I don't think there are enough words accurately express how much I love getting things in the mail. 

1. My sweet friend Jennifer sent me a little something to brighten up my week. 
2. February Birchbox 
3. March Vogue with Adele on the cover. 
4. Lauren Conrad's Style from Amazon.
5. & 6. My other friend Jen sent me Jellicoe Road and a fun pair of pink polka dot socks in a Valentine's Day gift exchange. 

2. Another fun V-Day surprise? As my gift, the princess gave me an impromptu serenade on the recorder. Three Blind Mice AND Hot Cross Buns! Then she regaled me with the recap of her card exchange at school. She gave away Star Wars cards (she's way into Star Wars right now) and received a card and a Scooby Doo pencil from her crush....this is a

3. So remember back in September when I went to the Decatur Book Festival and had pretty much the best time in the history of times ever? Well you might remember that I met Elizabeth Eulberg, author of Prom & Prejudice and we bonded over our mutual love of David Levithan whom she is actually friends with, and who's books I read and self I just um you know, fangirl over.

Anyway for Valentine's Day Elizabeth held a contest on Twitter for a signed copy of her novel The Lonely Hearts Club which given the holiday was incredibly fitting. Now, being that I was feeling a bit dark and twisty I replied with something semi witty and incredibly self-deprecating and didn't think anything of it.

So I guess you can tell my incredibly non subtle foreshadowing, that I won! Yay for signed books and for more fun things in the mail to anticipate!

4. I've decided Etsy is evil. With the impending premiere of The Hunger Games movie, I'm incredibly sensitive to any HG related merch right now. Thanks to always impressive zeal of the fandom, there are so many fabulous HG related things that are out there just waiting for my Visa number.

I mean could I resist this? It's a necklace made from the actual pages of the book and is a sentence related to Cinna.  It's practically screaming "BUY ME!" Don't even get me started on all of the awesome t-shirts

Where to buy

5. Even the Valentine's episode of Glee helped my mood. Lately I've been somewhat "meh" about Glee but I watch because I love the songs and I've been desperately waiting for the climax of the Sam/Mercedes/Football guy who's name I can never remember triangle.

Well by sheer coincidence, Mercedes figured out her feelings and expressed it in true diva style with arguably the most famous song by the one and only Whitney Houston. I didn't use this song in my memorial post, but I like to think this performance by Glee's Amber Riley who has one of the most beautiful, soulful voices I've heard in recent years is Whitney's torch being passed to the younger generation. Enjoy.

Happy Weekend! I have some fun stuff planned for next week...see you then!

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